Job Search, Week 4: Unemployed, but Productive

Unemployed: Week 4 (Productive!)

I think cover letters are silly.  Consider this:

I’m supposed to explain to a company why I am the best match for their esteemed position.  I’m supposed to show how my skill set and goals are suited perfectly to their unique industry practices and long-term direction.

Then I do that again 20 more times for 20 different positions at 20 different organizations.  By cover letter number ten, at least half of my pitch for the position is almost certainly a fabrication.  I could try a more honest approach:  “You know what, I’m probably not the best guy for this position.  But here are some vague reasons why I might do OK at your company…”

And the last few cover letters I write should probably just read:  “I’m applying for this opening because the places I really wanted to work for never got back to me.”

It’s hard to tie corporate philosophies and mission statements to my past of inappropriate dorm room posters and sleeping until noon.

But I managed to do just that on ten applications today!  The ball is in motion!  This team-playing self-starting hard-working guy is generic applicant number 54 somewhere.

It’s good to be productive.

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About the Author: Mike McGurk is a Student Finder at ROCS and a current student at George Mason University. The worst job he ever had was a brief stint as a door-to-door salesman. He  lasted six hours.

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