Job Search, Week 5: Unemployed, but Not for Long!

Unemployed: Week 5 (Interview!)

You're hired!

You're hired!

It’s a good thing I got that e-mail because my self-esteem was taking a hit.

We received your resume and will be scheduling interviews with appropriate candidates.  (Never heard back.)  Unfortunately you do not meet the requirements for this position.  (Nice and blunt.)  After reviewing your resume, we don’t want to meet with you.  Ever.  (OK that last one was made up.)

Mike, we want to invite you to an interview at our office to discuss your potential with our company.  Wait, what?!

The Craigslist ad promised unlimited opportunities and earning potential with the ability to gain valuable experience in marketing, public relations, management and sales all without describing exactly what it was I would be doing.

Vague and sketchy?  Yes.  But I’m excited (at the prospect of making money) nonetheless.

I’ll need to buy some new dress slacks for the interview.  Nothing impresses an employer more than a shapely buttocks in stylish Dockers.

Since I’m out of cash, my credit card will have to help me out on that purchase.

Student debt, I know thee well.

To be continued…

This is the fifth installment in a series of posts called “Finding a Job is Tough, so Keep Your Chin Up (a memoir).” Check out the previous posts in the series:

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About the Author: Mike McGurk is a Student Finder at ROCS and a current student at George Mason University. The worst job he ever had was a brief stint as a door-to-door salesman. He  lasted six hours.

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3 Responses to Job Search, Week 5: Unemployed, but Not for Long!

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  3. Stephanie says:

    This sir, is one of best blogs I have ever read. Interviewing with your company tomorrow. I have been through all these steps and now I am just praying. Keep ‘em coming!

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