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We find the top up & coming talent for entry-level jobs

Over 250 great companies use our recent college graduates for temporary jobs, project work, entry-level career positions, and various other job openings.

What We Do

We find and recruit the top college student and recent graduate talent for businesses throughout Northern Virginia and Washington, DC. We provide great students and recent grads who are eager to learn, energetic, tech-savvy, and can't be found through traditional staffing agencies. Our students and grads are available for part-time, full-time, and temporary work in your office.

How We Stack Up to Competition

We're a small team focused only on helping great companies find top students and recent grads, nothing else. We believe that if we tried to cover all levels of staffing and claimed to do everything, we would excel at nothing. That's why we choose to focus on one thing and do it right.

Find out why people love ROCS, how we work, and how we find the top student talent

"ROCS provides outstanding work on a daily basis" -Debbie L. Administrative Manager-Carco Group Investigations

We Attract the Top Grad Talent

through on-campus events, promotions, sponsorships, job fairs, student reps, university relations and more.

Recent Grads in All Fields

including information technology, HR, accounting, admin, marketing, engineering, graphic and web design.

No-Warm-Bodies Screening Process

because we interview our students before and after we meet with you to ensure you only get qualified candidates.

Simple, Affordable Pricing

No confusing costs or misleading quotes. We use flat rates and easy-to-understand fees. Nice for a change, isn't it?

Solid Track Record

We've helped thousands of top grads find jobs at over 250 great companies.

Payroll Hassles Taken Care of

including taxes, workers comp, liability insurance, and payroll processing so you can focus on your business.

We Guarantee Our Work Thoroughly

including 120 days for Direct Hires. We're just really confident in our students and grads.

We've Helped Companies of All Sizes

from businesses with under 10 employees to Fortune 500 companies.

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Temporary Staffing

Enthusiastic, highly skilled students on-call + ready to go

We can fill short and long-term positions with motivated students who are craving to gain experience. We take care of all the payroll hassles, so you can focus on running your business. Simple as that.

Temp-to-Hire Staffing

Take students out for a test drive + make sure they're a good fit

Train, groom, and develop future employees. See how well a potential new team member communicates, works and performs in your business environment before bringing them on board.

Direct Hire Placement

Fill your permanent positions with top recent graduates

Our recent grads are eager to begin their careers and apply their skills and knowledge. After a few years of studying, training and internships they are ready to become great new employees for your company.

ROCS temporary staffing services and job fields

The Story of ROCS

It all began in 2003, when two college students became frustrated with the typical college job offerings such as selling kitchen knives, painting houses, and every other job using the phrase: "Residual Income" or "Make Thousands From Your Dorm Room." They set out to create a place where college students and recent grads could find jobs that matched their career interests and goals. ROCS has now worked with over 250 companies in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC metropolitan areas and has helped more thousands of students and recent grads find a great job.

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