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We don't believe in hidden pricing or misleading quotes. That's why we only use flat rates and simple fees to ensure you get a low-cost, high-value employee. Nice for a change, isn't it?

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Temporary Staffing:

Other staffing firms use percentage-based markups, ratios and conversion fees which are often misleading. We charge a flat fee for our services.

Temp to Hire:

Each temp hour worked includes a Temp-to-Hire credit which accumulates and can be applied to the temp's 1/5 Direct Hire fee.

Whopping Guarantee:

Even though we rarely need to exercise it, we provide a whopping 120 day guarantee on all of our Direct Hires.

Direct Hire Placement:

No up-front fees or contracts. We charge a simple one-time fee of 1/5 of the candidate's first year salary only when you decide to hire one of our candidates. There is no charge if a candidate is not hired or doesn't work out within the guarantee period.

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