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We help great companies find and hire the top college grad talent for entry and junior level jobs.

What We Do

We are a staffing and recruiting services company which helps companies find the top college student and recent graduate talent.

How We Help

We strive to give students guidance and vision for their future. We realize that planning your future can be extremely difficult, and in some cases, hard to think about. We also realize that some students enjoy dreaming of what they can be and what they can accomplish.

The reason you come to ROCS is because you are one of the few who dream more awake than sleeping. You don't want to follow, you lead. You don't want to climb the corporate ladder, you want to get wood and nails and construct your own. So if you decide to work with us, you don't see ROCS as a ladder, you see ROCS as your hardware store. Once again, welcome.

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Our Mission for College Students & Recent Graduates

ROCS was created to help college students and recent grads. While you’re in school, it’s important to think about your future, but have reasonable expectations. In other words, don’t think you’re going to get a job as a financial broker making $100k a year. We’re sure it’s possible somewhere, but to the average student, it’s not possible. We realize you may not be the same person as when you began your Freshman year, but feel free to take advantage of an internship, part-time job or full-time career positions. Not everyone can qualify for all positions, but based on our years helping students find jobs, here’s some advice we can offer:

Freshman Year

You just got out of your High School years or decided to attend college after a year or two off. Now, you’re on your way to get that diploma you’ve heard your friends talk about. While you may not qualify for every position, part-time or temporary positions would best suit any College Freshman. During Summer or Winter break, check out or job postings for any internships.

Sophmore Year

You’re done with Gen. Ed and have decided on your major. It’s time to start thinking about how you can put your degree to use while gaining some real world experience. If you’re considering a career option, it’s best to explore by dabbling in a few different career paths. For example, if you’re considering Marketing, check out a job that’s research focused, on the account side, or working in the company’s in-house marketing department. We think that our on-call, or part-time jobs might be best.

Junior Year

Your Junior Year (or 3rd Year for the students on the more than 4 year college plan), is getting into the nitty-gritty of your degree. Put those classes to use and combine it with a job that matches your degree program. This way, you’ve got some practical experience combined with the degree too! For Juniors, our on-call, temporary, part-time jobs, or internships might be most practical.

Senior Year

Ahhh…the final stretch before freedom. Whether you’ve got a resume full of experience or you need a little extra padding, ROCS can help you out.

College Grad

We all kick and scream and wish we could go back to college, but that’s not an option. You’ve got a degree and have more options available to you than when you were in college. Put that 18th Century Literature degree to use by doing something useful. If you’ve got bills to pay and are hungry for a position (and a paycheck); perhaps we can help. Whether you’re interviewing at other places, have a part-time job to help fray living costs.

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