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Before you start

Can I bring a copy of my IDs or are original documents required?

Due to strict federal regulations on employment eligibility verification, we are required to examine original documents and cannot accept copies. We will however make a photocopy of your original documents for our confidential records upon inspection.

On Assignment & Expectations


If your time is submitted late, your hours might miss the upcoming payroll and will be added to the next scheduled payroll date. Failure to submit your time could result in you not being paid. If for some...


We want you to do great and show the employer all the amazing things you can do. What we sometimes see people fail at is the little things, like being on time. Which is too bad, because if you allow this to happen, you undo all the good. We need you to focus on being punctual from the start and do what is humanly possible to be on time. And if that fails, you need to alert everyone (Client Supervisor and ROCS Rep) as far in advance as possible.A client will understand if they’re called ahead of time that you might be a few minutes late. They won’t understand if they’re notified five minutes before they’re expecting you to be there.


We’re here to help you, so the more you keep us in the loop, the more we’ll be able to help. If there’s a potential problem, we need to know about it. If things are going great, we’d like to hear about that too. If you’re in doubt about whether to inform us of something, please do. If you have any ideas, friends who’d like to work with us, or questions/concerns about your work site, please let us know. No one will be upset if you keep us too informed, but we might miss out on an opportunity to help you if we are kept out of the loop.


If your job responsibilities change, if your job is ending soon or if you get offered a permanent job, let us know asap. That way we can better prepare any way we can help.

What are lunch break and overtime policies?

All placements are typically entitled an unpaid 30 minute lunch break during a standard work day of 6 hours or longer. Please note that lunch break requirements and duration are determined by management at the client company in which you are placed, and can vary case by case. Overtime is contingent upon the client company’s needs, and is not guaranteed. You will be informed if you are eligible and approved for overtime work and overtime pay before your assignment begins. Overtime approval must be obtained before overtime work can be performed.

Do I get paid for holidays / days off?

Temporary assignments rarely provide paid vacation days or paid time off (PTO). If you have scheduled vacations, personal matters, or are planning to observe a holiday, please provide as much notice as possible to your ROCS Rep so that we can accommodate your needs. Paid sick leave is offered by New York City if you meet the requirements which are delivered when you are placed on assignment.

What should I do if I’m sick, need a day off, or have to leave early from an assignment?

If you are sick or have a personal emergency, contact your ROCS Rep immediately so they can appropriately address the matter with your supervisor, and plan for replacement coverage. All requests for time off must be communicated prior to the assignment when possible. We understand, and expect that the unexpected will occur now and then, and in these times it is critical to keep lines of communication open with your ROCS Rep.

When do hours need to be submitted each week?

Hours must be submitted no later than Friday evening at 9:00PM to guarantee timely delivery of your checks. Your time can be submitted upon logging in to your online timecard system. If submitted later, you may experience delays in receiving your pay. Set reminders accordingly!



You’ll get paid on a bi-weekly basis. Our Payroll Calendar (link) gives you a breakdown of each pay period and the corresponding paycheck date.


Option 1: Direct Deposit - This is our standard method of payment, offering the most convenient, reliable, safe and easiest access to your hard earned paycheck. We provide it at no charge, but simply ask for you to fill out our direct deposit form to allow us to deposit funds directly into your account. You will also be able to view your paycheck and tax info online (we’ll email you instructions on how to setup your account.)e reason you have any issues getting your time in, give us a call and let us know.

Option 2: Mail - If you choose not to signup for direct deposit, your paycheck will be mailed out each Payroll Friday. Keep in mind, after we drop your paycheck off at the post office, the check is no longer in our hands or our control. Although rare, there may come a time when your check arrives late to your residence.If you suspect your check may have fallen off the face of the Earth, (i.e. it still hasn’t arrived by next Friday) give us a call and we’ll process a new one.


It is important that you maintain strict confidentiality regarding all compensation, salary or hourly pay rates. Any and all questions regarding compensation or pay, including paychecks and the like should be directed to your ROCS Rep first. Failure to comply with this may result in termination.

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