ROCS Recruiting Roundtable Webinar: The Internship, Understanding the Nature of Work

The internship has become a tremendous opportunity for individuals to learn about themselves in the work environment and, for employers, a means to cultivate new talent. However, the internship is oftentimes ill-defined for all parties due to a lack of understanding of how to make the most of the opportunity. Once fully grasped, participants will better understand how to optimize internship opportunities for everyone in the process and leverage their learnings for greater work successes.

What Will Be Covered

  • The history of the internship and how it has evolved
  • Lessons learned from countless exchanges with intern and employer
  • Challenges facing employers and interns in maximizing mutual benefit
  • Tips to help you turn an internship program into a quality talent pipeline
  • Advice for parents and college-aged students seeking internships

About the Panelists

Mason Gates is the Executive Advisor of Talent Intelligence at the Indeed Global Idea Center in Austin, Texas. Gates also founded and served in leadership roles for GradLeaders and JobDirect. He is widely regarded as one of the top minds in early career programs and development.

Stuart Mease is currently a Director for ROCS Grad Staffing with a career spanning the private, governmental and higher education sectors providing a unique lens to the labor market. Prior to ROCS, Mease spent 15 years at college career centers at Virginia Tech and Wake Forest.

Stuart Mease Headshot

Praise for ROCS Grad Staffing

I think ROCS was able to provide a cost effective resource that has helped us in a variety of ways. We definitely plan to use ROCS in the future.

Cindy Workman
HR Manager, Gannett

You guys really care about the students you work with. You guys did whatever it took to make your customer happy.

Margo Mentus
SVP of HR, ManTech International Corporation
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