Frequent Questions

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Employers FAQ

Are you affiliated with any university?

No. Although we work closely with university contacts, our company is completely separate from universities and colleges.

Is ROCS really owned by college students?

Yes, ROCS was formed by 2 George Mason University students in 2003.

Why shouldn't I go directly to a university career services office, it's free?

If you want to save money, by all means, check out the local university or college career services. However, time is money and developing a relationship with Career Services - the right way - takes more than posting a job online. In our more than 15 years of existence, we've fostered great relationships with career services, allowing your company to benefit.

How long does it take to fill a job?

As few as 24-48 hours depending on the job.

I need someone "yesterday" can ROCS help me?

Depending on the position, we can sometimes fill a position the same day.

Is there any commitment when a job is submitted?

Of course not. When you go to the grocery store and browse the produce section, you're not required to buy an apple, right? Well, unless you've taken a bite out of it.

Why should I use ROCS instead of a temp service or other resource?

ROCS is here specifically for college students and recent grads with up to five years of experience. We'd like to think we serve a specific niche of students who are eager to gain some firsthand experience in "the real world."

We already have an internship program, how can ROCS help?

Well, if you have an internship program, that's great. To help diversify the amount of students coming in, hire a college student to do your Temporary, PT jobs, or Job Share Programs. This way, you're expanding your net to find the best students.

What if a grad doesn't work out, is there a guarantee?

Yes, we offer an industry leading 120-day guarantee. This means if the employee doesn't work the full 120 days, we'll prorate your account and issue a refund immediately (if the option of replacing the grad hasn't been fruitful on our part).

Do I have to sign a contract up front?

Nope, not unless you hire a grad. Who wants to deal with extra paperwork?

Can we convert a grad into a permanent employee, what does it cost?

You can bring our grads on as permanent employees at any point. Each hour worked by the grad builds a credit you can apply toward the conversion fee when you are ready to keep them on as a permanent member of your team.

How many hours can students and grads typically work in a week?

Our students and grads can work anywhere from 20 to 40+ hours a week. Some students even choose to take night classes or early morning classes to allow them to work a normal M-F 8-5 job while they are still in school.

Are students only able to work during the summer and school breaks?

Not at all, our students are able to work year round.

How do you compare to the other agencies?

Process / experience 0-5 years / pricing

How does the 120 day guarantee work?

First we replace the candidate, if doesn't work out then we prorate the difference.

What is the process to start working with ROCS?

We first like to come out and meet with you to get a feel for the environment and company culture. Then once we have a job opening we start our recruiting process.

Do you take care of payroll services?

Yes we take care of FICA, workers compensation and taxes

Grads FAQ

What kind of jobs do you offer?

Think of an office - we offer jobs across all departments, as long as the position requires 0-5 years of experience (i.e. receptionist, accounting, sales, customer service to name a few)

Am I directly employed by the company or ROCS?

Depending on the job, in most cases, you will be employed by ROCS, and your check will come from ROCS on a bi-weekly basis. Plus, you will be eligible for our health, dental, and vision benefits.

Are you affiliated with any university?

No. Although we work closely with career counselors, our company is completely separate from universities and colleges.

I've seen the same opening on your board for, like, 100 days now. What's the deal with that?

Maybe we still haven't filled it! It might be an on-going position that utilizes college grads for short but frequent amounts of time. For our larger clients, we also like to maintain a "bench" of available candidates to send to them in the event one of our current employees moves on or transitions out of their position. Rest assured, if the job is on our board, you will receive a fair assessment and opportunity to fill it.

How often is your job board updated with new positions?

We update our job board as often as we receive new openings from our clients - typically daily. Our in-house crew is dedicated to pitching our service over the phone, email and at networking events to any organization willing to listen that might have a need for supplemental recruiting efforts. One week we might receive no new clients or new openings. The next week, we might have ten.

I'm an art history major with a minor in philosophy. What jobs do you have for me?

We work with all majors and backgrounds, but at the end of the day our jobs are primarily in office settings. 9-5 not your thing? We totally get it and wish you the best! But if you are looking to get a start with an entry-level office job, we'd love to talk to you.

When can I expect to hear back from you after I apply?

If we think you might be a good fit for our client, we do our best to reach out to you right away, typically within a week. Link to process (above).

Pro-tip: Our first contact is usually through email, double check your spam folder if you are waiting to hear back.

I want to know more about a position or an employer. What can you tell me?

We include a brief description of the company in each job description, but purposely don't name the company. Why? Because at the end of the day, we're in the business of advocating for students and grads. In the past, we've had candidates bypass us and apply directly to the company itself. Sure, you're skipping the middleman (us) but that means we won't be able to tell them how awesome you are (after all, they trust us, and we've already interviewed and met with you). After your formal in-office interview with us, we'll give you more details about the employer.

Can I apply for more than one opening?

Yes! You can apply for any position that you feel matches your interests, skills and career goals. You will not be penalized for sending us your resume multiple times for different positions. If you don't hear back from us after multiple applications, don't get discouraged. We don't hold multiple applications against you.

How much does it cost me (the candidate) to apply for your jobs?

Nada. It costs you nothing to apply, interview or get hired with our clients. Want to send us your resume and apply for all of our positions? Please don't! But if you do, it's free! No part of our process costs you any money at all - no matter how many applications you send in or how many times you interview with us at our office or with our clients. Free for our candidates, always.

Is ROCS really owned by college students?

Yes, ROCS was founded by two college students during their freshman year at George Mason University in 2003.

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