We Place Top Graduates in Office and Administrative Roles

Whether you need help with filing and data entry or an Executive Assistant to be your right-hand person, we've got you covered.

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Hire The Top Recent College Grads for Your Office and Administrative Positions

We find and recruit the top recent college grad talent for businesses throughout VA, DC, MD, and NC. We provide great students and recent grads who are eager to learn, energetic, tech-savvy, and can't be found through traditional staffing agencies. Our students and grads are available for part-time, full-time, and temporary work in your office.

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Some of the positions we can fill

Front Desk / Receptionist 

Executive Assistant 

Administrative Assistant 

Office Assistant

Data Entry 

Customer Service

Program Coordinator


Operations Assistant

Project Coordinator

Office Administrator

Sales Support Administrator

Meetings & Events Coordinator

Logistics Coordinator

Temporary, Temp-to-Hire and Contract Staffing

Enthusiastic, highly skilled grads on-call + ready to go:

We can fill short and long-term positions with motivated grads who are craving to gain experience. We take care of all the payroll hassles, so you can focus on running your business. Simple as that.

Temp-to-Hire Staffing

Train, groom, and develop future employees. See how well a potential new team member communicates, works and performs in your business environment before bringing them on board.

Direct Hire Placement

Fill your permanent positions with top recent graduates

Our recent grads are eager to begin their careers and apply their skills and knowledge. After a few years of studying, training and internships they are ready to become great new employees for your company.

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Our Candidates Are:

  • College Students + Recent Grads
  • Capable to Work Remote or On-Site
  • Up to 5 years work experience
  • College Students + Recent Grads
  • Available Full-time + Part-time
  • Motivated + Tech Savvy
  • Eager to learn + Energetic
  • Not found through traditional staffing agencies
  • ROCStar Qualification Process™ approved

Experience the process with ROCS


Building strong connections

We come out to your office to get a feel for how your business runs. It helps us understand which employees will be the best fit for you and your team.


Always on the lookout for great candidates

And we mean ALWAYS. From resume reviews to phone interviews, in-person interviews, reference checks, and more, we work around the clock to identify the best recent grads that are ready for the ROCStar Qualification Process™ stamp of approval.


Taking the hassle out of scheduling

We take care of scheduling interviews for you with our pre-screened candidates, so you don’t have to slow down. With our one-minute rule, candidates arrive prepared and on time.


Guiding our candidates

Our team follows up with candidates for guidance or feedback. We aim to support recent college grads in their career journey - and we know you want employees that are excited to start their career.


ROCS supports you and your new hires

We aren't going anywhere just yet. We can take care of payroll and benefits, along with regular check-ins with your new hires after they start, to make sure they keep shining.


See how we compare to other options

We’re a small team dedicated to helping organizations find the top recent graduates and college students, nothing else. We do less than our competition - intentionally. We believe that if we tried to cover all levels of staffing and claim to do everything, we would excel at nothing. That’s why we choose to focus on one thing and do it right.

Other Staffing Firms
Hiring Internally
Time to hire
0-2 Weeks
2-6 Weeks
1-3 Months
ROCStar Interview Process
Hiring Time & Fees
Turnover Costs & Fees
New Hire Failure Rate
Very Low

We Find The Top Up-And-Coming Talent

We attract the best and brightest students and grads through on-campus events, promotions, sponsorships, job fairs, studentreps, university relations and more.

We Guarantee Our Work Thoroughly

Our industry leading guarantee on all of our placements to make sure you’re completely happy with your new employee.

No-Warm-Bodies Screening Process

Unlike other staffing companies, we interview candidates AFTER we meet with you to ensure we find a great fit and not just a warm body. It may take us a bit more time, but we think it’s worth it.

Our Candidates are ROCStars

Fast Learners: Pick up on new technologies quickly 

Tech Savvy: Don't have to be shown anything twice, on top of the latest technologies and trends

Excited to Work: Want to learn and want the experience.  Excited at the prospect of putting their skills to work 

Hungry: Go above and beyond what is asked of them just to get one step closer to what they want

Energetic: Energy and excitement inspires others

Five Stars
Someone from the ROCS team is always accessible to address my questions and concerns. They continually meet and exceed my staffing needs. The grads are enthusiastic, punctual, and dependable

Courtney J.

HR Manager

proven efficiency

No job postings. No interviews. No headaches.

Our unique approach gives you access to a fresh pool of candidates full of recent college graduates that are trusting, focused, consistently deliver high quality results, and lower the overall cost per hire. 

1-2 days

1-2 business days to receive fully vetted recent grads


On average, we review over 100 candidates before selecting 1 who meets ROCS standards and qualifications to submit to our clients.


86% of our placements get offered permanent positions with our clients.


We have placed over 5,000 recent grads in jobs at great companies


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