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The labor market has never been more volatile and harder to understand, especially as a new generation of talent enters the workforce. That's why for 53 years the College Recruiting Outlook survey has been administered to help employers, college graduates and college career centers predict and respond to the changing annual landscape. Go in-depth with experts in the college recruiting space to aid your talent search.  

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What Will Be Covered

  • Hiring outlook for recent college graduates by organizational size, industry sector, geography and academic discipline
  • Salary compensation considerations during an inflationary period.
  • Internship outlook and other forms of experiential activities
  • AI / ChatGPT's impact on the recruiting process.

About the Presenter

Stuart Mease is currently a Director for ROCS Grad Staffing with a career spanning the private, governmental and higher education sectors providing a unique lens to the labor market. Prior to ROCS, Mease spent 15 years at college career centers at Virginia Tech and Wake Forest.

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Praise for ROCS Grad Staffing

I think ROCS was able to provide a cost effective resource that has helped us in a variety of ways. We definitely plan to use ROCS in the future.

Cindy Workman
HR Manager, Gannett

You guys really care about the students you work with. You guys did whatever it took to make your customer happy.

Margo Mentus
SVP of HR, ManTech International Corporation
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