July 25, 2022

5 Advantages of Temporary Employment for Recent College Graduates

With the month of May approaching and graduation just around the corner, you and many other recent graduates may be wondering where to begin! Temporary employment is one of the easiest ways to jumpstart your career and gain versatile skills that you can bring to any organization in the future. Whether you have hit a wall while searching for a permanent job or just not sure where to start, temporary employment offers a variety of advantages. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at the most notable ones: 

1. Flexibility with Hiring Requirements 

When it comes to the hiring process, employers can have a strict set of requirements they look for before considering an applicant for an interview. These requirements can often be roadblocks for entry-level job seekers if they don’t have previous experience. Luckily, when temporary opportunities arise, employers are oftentimes looking to fill the role urgently. They might not have the time to sift through resumes, and due to the need to move quickly they may be more flexible on some of the hiring requirements they had originally listed. 

2. Learn New Skills and Boost Your Resume

A temporary position can help improve your current skill set while also helping you gain new, versatile skills. Why not take the opportunity to boost your resume and make yourself that much more competitive against other job seekers? Another advantage of temporary employment is that you can dabble in different industries to get a taste of what the day-to-day might look like in a particular role. You do not not have to worry about a long-term commitment if it ends up being something you are not passionate about or interested in. You even have the option to continue interviewing during your temporary job to maximize your options once the role ends. Testing out the work environment, schedule, and culture of a temporary position will help narrow your search, so when you accept a full-time job offer, you can be confident it is a position you are excited about. 

3. Fill Employment Gaps

Employment gaps tend to not make the best first impression when hiring managers are reviewing resumes and deciding who they want to line up interviews with. Hiring managers like to see consistent employment to help show them that the applicant they are considering is hardworking, reliable, and driven. Even if you work a temporary role that does not ultimately align with your long-term career goals, it will help fill the gaps that would be there otherwise. You want to show prospective employers that you are motivated and willing to hit the ground running. 

4. Open Doors to Permanent Employment

Sometimes, all you need is a foot in the door! This is one reason you should never pass up a temporary job, because it could lead to something long-term. That being said, just working a temporary job and going through the motions is not going to be enough. Making sure you go in with an open mind and can-do attitude is an entirely different ballgame and is crucial in potentially securing a long-term position. This is definitely true here at ROCS, where we’ve had countless success stories with candidates who started off as a temp and got promoted within a few months because of their hard work and ROCStar attitude. It goes to show that it never hurts to say yes to a good opportunity and work hard!

5. Quick, Easy Money

As we all know, we need money to survive. Accepting a temporary job opportunity will help you avoid unemployment and earn an income, even if it is just for a few months or weeks. You will be able to keep up with your bills, payments, and just have some extra cash in your pocket while searching for a long-term position. Who doesn’t love quick, easy money?!

There are countless advantages to keeping your options open and working a temporary role. You might even want to start your search now. It can be hard to figure out where to start. So, where do you go from here? 

ROCS can connect you with potential job opportunities with employers who look for both temporary and permanent placements. Even if you don’t know where to start or what to look for, our recruiters can help you! We pride ourselves in working with the best of the best recent college graduates and a variety of top-notch clients around the Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland area. If you are looking for entry-level employment opportunities click here to submit an inquiry today!

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