June 30, 2022

New from ROCS Grad Staffing: Welcome to "The Nest" Quarterly Newsletter

Welcome to "The Nest"!

A warm hello from the ROCS Team. We are thinking of each of you and hope everyone along with your friends & families are all doing okay and staying healthy at this time. This is certainly an unprecedented time, but we are here to support in any way we can.

Just a few months ago at the end of February, we were strategizing about how we were going to best serve our clients in what was projected to be the most competitive job market to hire May grads in recent times. Now, much of that has shifted but we are still excited to help you bring on new talent, especially so with the new challenges of hiring & on-boarding virtually.

The great news is there is a lot of opportunity to bring on some of the truly best & brightest to your team in the coming weeks. We are meeting with over 50 entry-level job seekers each week and they are all excited & eager to begin their careers. We are also currently offering complimentary career coaching sessions for entry-level seekers in need of guidance and support.

We will be flying into your inbox to share some secrets of our nest to help you stay on top of hiring trends, add a new "Feather to your Cap" for hiring great grads, and spotlighting a few "Best of the Nest" available ROCStars. We're here for you and are looking forward to seeing you again in-person soon.

10 (Non-Work) Ideas for Your Team

Many work teams are missing the social element of being in the office as they are working from home. Matt Herb, Senior Account Manager, put together our list of 10 non-work ideas to inject some fun and engage with your team even more than usual. Most ideas are free of cost and can take as little as two... Read More

A Feather For Your Cap

A few of the tech tools that have helped us the most while working remotely:

  • Google Hangouts - now that we are at home we are very thankful for the video "Meet" to see each other's faces during our team meetings (as shown above!).
  • Trello - here at ROCS we wanted to have one central place for the team to go to know the status of our projects, collaborate, and easily see what others are working on.
  • Slack - we implemented this to have organized group chats based on specific projects or topics so no one gets left behind. From our "10 Ideas for Your Team" list, #rocsreads is where our book club members can chat - without disrupting work updates.
  • Hiring & Managing During COVID-19

    There are a lot of articles out there about how working from home is impacting businesses (what else is there to write about these days?). We wanted to share some of the most useful ones we've found:

    Updates from the ROCS Team

    Highlights from recent posts on the ROCS Team #positivity channel on Slack:

    @BrandonLabman shared: McConaughey's Green Light@KateAvdellas shared: Some Good News with John Krasinski@ROCSTeam: Too many Tiger King

    Check out the new ROCS office

    We are working from home right now, but missing our brand new office. Check out a few photos of our new office space.memes & jokes to count

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