June 30, 2022

ROCS Company Core Values

When you first think of an organization or company, what comes to mind? You might think of the standard definition we’ve all heard before, “a group of like-minded people working together towards a common goal of bringing in profits by delivering services or products.” While that definition is 100% accurate, have you ever considered what keeps the company together and drives employees to deliver results? 

Core values act as the bedrock for why a company or organization exists. They help to clearly communicate to customers, current and prospective employees, and the community what your company stands for, especially in today’s growing society and competitive job market. 


When it comes to customers, many are not only concerned about the product or service you offer, but also the person behind who is selling it. This allows for core values to increase buy-in and support from your customers, therefore driving revenue. You want to make sure you are communicating your brand effectively to reach your target market and drive business. Ensuring your company has a purpose driven culture and a strong set of core values will give your company a competitive edge and increase revenue, overall. 


Job seekers often list “culture fit” near the top of their “must have” list looking for a new job opportunity. This is why you need to ensure your company’s values are authentic, specific, and clearly showcased to attract the best talent. Creating a culture around a central purpose or value will help current and prospective employees resonate with your organization, and in turn, help your employees integrate the values into their daily lives at work. Transparency about future goals of your company will show employees where they can go in the future. Clearly stated values can serve as the guiding principles when it comes to hiring, firing, and other business decisions. 

Now, maybe you already have your values, but how do you incorporate them? Most job seekers will either view your company website or job description first, so try to loop your values into your description! This will show potential candidates that your company does not only care about the impact they will have on your business, but also shows that you care about the person doing the work. In this job market, candidates look for a work environment that suits their personality, so company core values can help determine if your organization is the right fit. Once the onboarding stages are started with a new hire, reviewing your company’s values again will help showcase your organization's purpose while also demonstrating how success is measured so your new hire can hit the ground running!

ROCS Core Values

The ROCS Team compiled 5 values that we feel embody our team and what we stand for. This has been a project many years in the making! It started with recognizing the need for defined core values and grew to be a project that we knew deserved the utmost care and dedication. Through many workshops sessions, independent research, TED Talks, and immense consideration, we feel confident these values represent who we are and keep us striving for greatness everyday! 

ROCS Core Values

The values that guide us:


The right people are our greatest asset. We value people who radiate positive energy, seek the answer to every problem, are driven, are determined, and take ownership of their work.


Our clients come first. We strive to be the solution in every situation through overcommunicating and exceeding expectations. We use our best judgment to do the right thing.  


We are better as a team than as individuals. We support each other through challenges, ask questions, and find opportunities to help one another get better. We take the time to have fun, share ideas, and celebrate successes together.


We never settle for “good enough.”  We are obsessed with becoming better each day and making changes that improve the quality of our business. Our road to success is always under construction.


We care about the impact we have on others. We are committed to being generous by giving what we are expected to, and then some.  We aim to advance our team, clients, and community through the work we do.

ROCS Grad Staffing

Core values serve as the framework for a strong, growing, and competitive business. When you reflect on your own company’s values, you should feel a sense of pride. Candidates will be attracted to your company simply because they can easily stand for the values you highlight. As we all know, business plans can change, but core values remain the same!

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