July 25, 2022

ROCStar Resume Checklist

ROCStar Resume Checklist

As we all know, your resume is the first thing an employer often views before lining up an interview with you. ROCS wants to make sure that you are set up for success when interviewing with an employer. We have compiled a ROCStar Resume Checklist to ensure you are set up for success before even starting the interviewing process. This checklist will make sure that your resume is top-notch and competitive against other applicants. 

Contact Information

  • Full legal name (First and last name) 
  • Personal email address (A non-indeed email address) 
  • Phone number (Home or cell)
  • Linkedin URL (If you have one) 


  • Full university name (Example: “VT” compared to “Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University”)
  • Full title of degree (“BA” compared to “Bachelor of Arts”) 
  • Date of graduation (Month and year) 
  • GPA if appropriate 
  • Notable college courses, campus involvement, or certifications awarded 


  • Job position title, followed by the full company name
  • Dates of employment (Month and year)
  • 3-7 bullets per experience that highlight your responsibilities or achievements in chronological order (Ensure current positions are in present tense and previous positions are in past tense)  


  • Soft skills (bullet form)
  • Technical skills (bullet form)
  • Other relevant certifications awarded (that are not from school/university)

General Resume Formatting

  • Ensure that your work/school experiences flow in the correct chronological order 
  • Ensure that your resume follows the correct tense related to your position whether it is current or previous 
  • Ensure that job titles to dates all line up correctly and appear uniform
  • Ensure that font, spacing, and text size is consistent throughout the document 
  • If your resume exceeds one page, ensure that the document does not divide an experience or segment in half but rather has a clean cut before the new page begins 
  • Ensure that your resume is in black text only with no pictures/images (Recommendation: Microsoft Word Document, Times New Roman font, size 11 text, black text, and utilize spacing/bold/underline tools to help with organization) 

Pro Tip: If you do not have a plethora of professional office or customer service experience on your resume, format any volunteer or campus involvement to appear under your experience section

Pro Tip: If you have extra space on your resume, add a mission statement or overview of your qualifications at the top

ROCStar Resume Template

Don’t create your resume from scratch. Download our useful Free Resume Template to help kick start your job search.

Some Other Helpful Resources and Websites For Your Resume

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